Monday, May 10, 2010

The Wish List

Year after year, birthday after birthday, I get the same question over and over again... what does [fill in child's name here] want for [his/her] birthday?

Well, Meagan and I did a scope-out of the Wal-Mart toy section to get a "few" ideas for birthday gifts, since her big day is just around the corner. Let's just say, we were there for over an hour and a half! At the end of it all, she said, "Mommy, I think we're gonna have to invite a lot of people if I'm gonna get all this stuff." She's strategic, to say the least. :)

What's on the list? Here ya go:

  • mini Rapunzel
  • mermaid (purple, you can put it in the tub) - PURCHASED
  • Merliah mermaid doll (with a pink dolphin) - PURCHASED
  • Little learning laptop
  • Dress-up mermaid tail clothes set (Meagan-size, not Barbie-size)
  • Barbie pre-school teacher
  • Fashionistas
  • Glam Convertible
  • Peek-a-boo Barbies

Little Pet Shop:

  • Petriplets
  • LPS Online Stuffed Animal
  • 6 pets from LPS Video Game
  • LPS Video game (for DS)
  • 8 pet pack
  • on-the-go carrying case
  • LPS stuffed animals


  • Tea Kettle Cottage
  • Rosetta 2-in-1 tea party
  • Rosetta & friends garden party
  • Rosetta & Friends garden party dolls (any of them... Tink, Rosetta, and anyone else you can find)
  • Pixie treasures Lost Things Jewelry

Disney Princess:

  • Pocket-size Cinderella fairytale scene
  • Sparkle & Splash Ariel
  • Any Royal bath dolls
  • Any ballerina dolls
  • Pocket princess Snow White Deluxe Set - PURCHASED
  • Pocket princess Belle Deluxe Set

Pucci Pets:

  • horse (medium)
  • or any tiny pet

Zhu Zhu Pets:

  • tunnels
  • vehicles

Precious Places:

  • Pony Palace
  • Flower Palace
  • Swan Pallace

Fisher Price Loving Family:

  • horses - English horse, western horse, or western pony

Cutie Boutique:

  • tutu
  • gloves
  • fairy wings


  • Barbie Movies (she has Mariposa, Thumbelina, Mermaid Tale, Christmas Carrol, Diamond Castle) - Princess and the Pauper & Island Princess, Magic of Pegasus PURCHASED
  • Disney Princess Enchanted Tales
  • Sing-along with Barbie

SO, There you have it. If there are any "ideas" you would like to put to use, please just let me know what you plan on getting. I'll try to keep the list updated, to try to avoid duplicates. I'd say there's plenty to choose from! :) You can always leave me a comment and let me know what you're planning. Thanks!!

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