Monday, October 10, 2011

Gearing Up

It's almost that time of year.... the time of year that gives me the greatest sense of mixed emotions.... Halloween. I love the pumpkins, the fall festivities, the colors, the snacks, the candy, the CUTE costumes. I hate the origins, the deeper meaning and all it represents, the decorations of living dead and evil and darkness. How can we give one holiday such a duplicitous personality? *sigh* It makes me crazy to think about it really, and I feel so torn.

I've had to learn to compartmentalize on this one. To put my angst aside and focus on the possitive aspects of the holiday. The fun and cute and festive parts. We have explained, and will continue to explain, to our kids what pleases God and what clearly displeases Him. And we hope that they will grow up understanding the very clear distinction between the two. I hope they will direct their decisions accordingly.

At any rate, we are gearing up to decorate and make caramel aples and paint pumpkins. The kids have picked out their costumes - a ninja (again), a swamp lizard, and wall-e (she INSISTED on being a robot, but told me I would take too long to make the costume myself, so we bought a wall-e costume *lol*).

Halloween scrapbook supplies are out in full force as well. I've managed to put a few layouts together in the last week, although I'm really struggling for creativity right now. Here's what I've got...

The Costume:
journaling: "The Red Queen: One red velvet dress with heart patches glued on, a gold crown with red jewels, and lots of makeup."

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Not Too Spooky:
journaling: "for me, it's really a challenge to find the right balance in celebrating Halloween. i absolutely detest the origins of the day and the costumes of walking dead and visions of death - it's so contrary to all that I love and believe in. BUT, it is also a holiday geared towards kids - fun costumes and pumpkins and candy. I don't want my kids to miss out. We do participate, but we try not to let it get too spooky."

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How do YOU celebrate Halloween? I'd love to know. Do you go all out, or to you feel a bit torn like I do?


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