Saturday, October 22, 2011

one more thing to share

outside decorations for holidays are a big deal for our kids. they LOVE them. and for some reason, decorating for halloween is always so much fun for them, no matter how much i may dislike the holiday. luckily there are certain aspects of this season that i don't mind - namely those things that naturally occur in the world around us, such as spiders, pumpkins, cats, bats, leaves. i'm good with all of these things.

meagan wanted to put spider webs all over our house. i, however, don't care for the stringy, messy white spider web stuff you can buy. so i saw an idea online, and thought it might be a good compromise for us. here' the end result:



super easy. i used mini command strip tabs. put 8 around the window. then used yarn (purple/brown/gray/black blend... meagan's choice) to make the base of the web... 1 vertical from tab to tab, one horizontal from tab to tab, and 2 diagonal from tab to tab (like an asterisk). then use a LOOOOOONG piece of yard doubled over to loop around the asterisk-shaped base, tie it off, and trim the extra. finally i used a twisty tie to fix a glittery spider to the web and voila.

original instructions can be found
... . i deviated a bit from her instructions, but same basic concept. super easy. took about 15 minutes. and CHEAP. i like cheap.

here's the rest of our outside ensamble.
we also have lights on the bushes, which, by the way, are working now. hooray!


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