Thursday, July 26, 2012

3rd Time's a Charm

Here's an interesting phenomenon that I'm sure many parents have discovered to be true... houses stay cleaner when there are no kids in them.

Since our kids have been home from vacation with Grandma & Grandpa, our house has been torn apart and put back together and torn apart again. Daily. One would think that they would learn this lesson quickly - if I make the mess I have to clean it up. It seems, however, that this concept, no matter how many times we go over it in any given day, is completely lost on them - especially Meagan. So guess what they've been doing since 8:00 this morning?  Yup.  Cleaning.


Anyway.  I haven't been around much for 2 reasons. 1) Life is busy and it's hard sometimes to find time to sit down and blog. AND 2) I'm not really doing anything interesting enough to blog about. Don't believe me? I'll prove it to you.

This is what I've been doing lately, when not hounding my children to clean, or driving them to/from practice... I've been TRYING to get the house painted. So far, I've only done 2 rooms. Seems I'm STUCK on room #2, which happens to be our dining room, because I just can't get the color right! Before I ever started, I spent a LOT of time hashing out a plan - which colors for which walls... harder than it sounds, trust me. I've painted lots of walls in the past few years thanks to all our moving, but this house is the biggest challenge I've ever faced. It has arch ways ... arch ways that blend from one wall into the next. So literally, there are four or five walls connected that all have to be the same color because of the architecture of the house. Weird. So yeah, I spent a lot of time planning this. Had it all figured out.

And then I painted. Room #1 went as planned. Turned out fine. I like it. Move on.

Room #2: Dining Room... First, I painted, and then decided I wanted to do an accent wall. Pick a new color. Paint again. Once I had painted said accent wall, try as I might, I just couldn't settle on the color. I THOUGHT (based on the way the sample looked in the middle of the room where I stood to make my decisions) it was going to be a brown-gray color. In fact, it turned out (on the wall, where the lighting is very different from the middle of the room where I stood to choose the color) to be purple-gray. Hmmm. I wasn't really going for the purple look.

So now here I am. Painting it for a 3rd time. But this time I really do think I will like the color when it's finished. I trimmed yesterday. Now all I have to do is get it rolled.

I attempted to get a picture so you could see what's up... Can you tell in this picture? The gray-purple vs. the brown? I don't know... it's bad lighting.

Wanna see the chaos that is my dining room right now? It's lovely. You'll be jealous.
I think it's easily been 3 weeks since we've actually been able to sit in there to eat dinner. Hmmm... I need to get this finished up and move to a new room. Unfortunately, I think the kitchen is next, and that just doesn't sound like much fun either!!  *lol*

Okay, so I have about a billion things to get done today, so I should get up and walk away from the computer now. Here I go...


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