Friday, July 27, 2012

Go Team USA!

This is what's happening at our house today... we RE-watched the Olympic trials for women's gymnastics, because watching it twice just isn't enough... *ha*

And then, before getting ready for her own gymnastics practice, Meagan made this...

She is SUPER excited to see whether Jordyn wins a medal. And now, her obsession is no longer limited to Jordyn alone. She can now tell me the names of every girl on the Olympic team, as well as Elizabeth Price (one of the alternates). She knows that Kyla Ross is 15 and Ally Raisman is 18, and SHE (as in Meagan) will be 19 when SHE goes to the Olympics. She has it all figured out.

And not only did we watch the trials, but we had to pause and rewind several times. Release moves on bars... "Let me see that again!"  Back flips on beam... "I think I can do that." Tumbling passes on floor... "I don't have that one quite memorized yet. Can we rewatch it?" I'm not kidding you. And it's funny because sometimes she shows no interest at all in sitting still to watch it on TV, but when she's in the mood to focus on it, watch out!

Tonight we're going to pop some popcorn, and I got American Oreos (gold Oreos with red & blue filling). And we're going to plop down and watch opening ceremonies for as long as it holds the kids' attention... and then Lucas and I will keep watching it anyway, even if the kids ditch us! Sebastian is waiting somewhat patiently for the guys, which I THINK is tomorrow. And the girls are on Sunday. So it will be one gymnastics-packed weekend for us. Thank goodness for DVR's!

Good luck Team USA! We're rooting for you!!


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