Monday, July 30, 2012

We survived the weekend!! It was long and buys and tiring. But good. Mostly.

Saturday, Isaac had a football orientation at 9:30, Meagan had dance at 10:00, and Sebastian had practice fro0m 10:30-2:30. Then, I had to meet for a car pool at 12:30 to drive downtown to a Kenny Chesney / Tim McGraw concert that I worked. This is all manageable with Lucas' help... too bad Lucas also had plans for the day... He got to go to the Brickyard race with a vendor from work. So, no help from him. Which means, I had no way to have Isaac one place and Meagan another with only a half-hour in between. And I had no way to get Sebastian home from practice once I got him there, so he had to miss it altogether. Thank God for car pools because a friend of mine took Meagan to dance. Which left me to take Isaac to his football meeting. But then in the push to get Meagan ready in time to catch her ride to dance, I FORGOT about the football meeting until it was almost too late. So we got there at the VERY end, and found out nothing except which team he's on. This year, his team is Penn State... he was a little worried because he knows Penn State just got in a lot of trouble.  I reassured him that has nothing to do with his football team, so he felt a little better.

The concert... we got there at 1:00. We got HOME at 1:00. It was a LOOOOOONG day. My legs hurt, and my feet had blisters long before we ever left there. Because of the location we were at inside the stadium, we were busy pretty much from start to finish, with maybe only 2 lulls in the action. Better than being bored, right?

Yesterday, we got caught up on the Olympics. We watched men's gymnastics in the morning... Sebastian was so happy they televised so much of it! After that, Lucas painted the rest of the dining room wall (usually when we paint, I trim and he rolls because he does a much better job at it than I do)! It looks SO much better than the purple-gray color! Yea!

Yesterday for dinner, friends of our came over and cooked out. They have 3 boys, all the same age as our kids, and they play really well together. Plus, soon they will be building a house directly across the street from ours, so that will be great to have the kids' friends so close!

After our friends went home, and the kids got cleaned up from their long day of running around like crazies outside, we settled down and got caught up on the Olympics once again... women's gymnastics this time. The girls did awesome!! The officials of the sport did less awesome. As the night went on, the judging became very skewed and out of line. I was really struggling to watch comparable quality / difficulty routines score so differently between sessions. I finally got up and walked away... never even finished watching because it was making me feel so angry.  Besides the questionable scoring, I'm super disgusted with the all-around rule that only lets 2 gymnasts from each country compete. It's not right!!!!! If any country, I don't care if it's not ours, has 3 or 4 gymnasts who have earned the right to be a part of the top 24, then those athletes SHOULD be a part of the top 24. Period. That's all I have to say about that.

So, today both of my gymnasts have practice. And Isaac starts football practice tonight. Other than that, I'm not sure what else we'll end up doing today. Maybe some laundry....I have plenty to fold!


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