Thursday, July 5, 2012


Miss Meagan got her glasses today, and she looks SO cute! She had been bothered by her eyes when she would read or do computer, so we took her to get checked out about a week & a half ago. Her prescription was just past the threshold of needing glasses, and since she was complaining of headaches, we went ahead and got them for her.

Cute, right? The frames are purple & red (on the ear pieces) and there are little lady bugs on the sides. Adorable! Now if we can just protect them somehow from being Meagan-ated.  She is a little destructo child, and I'm a bit worried for these poor unsuspecting glasses. *eeep*  So far so good... she took them off and put them straight into her case. She knows not to lay them down on the lenses. And I HOPE she knows not to shove them under her bed (which is where pretty much everything lands at some point or another) or toss them into her "treasure bin" (aka junk drawer in her bedroom full of RANDOM treasures that she ca't bare to part with).

And for the record, these will NOT be going camping with us this weekend. *lol*


Anna said...

so cute!! My 1st pair of glasses looked a lot like that :)

Melissa said...

Super cute!