Monday, March 29, 2010

It Worked: Crock Pot Stuffed Shells

The manicotti turned out really well! Yea for experiments gone right! So we had stuffed pasta, dinner rolls (left over from the sliders we had for lunch) and steamed green beans. Yum! And the fruit roll-ups worked well too! They're gone already. So here's the recipe I used for the manicotti (partly to share with you, and partly so I don't forget). 1 lb ground venison, browned with chopped onion, garlic powder, pepper 1 1/2 jars of spaghetti sauce (15 oz jars) 1+ cup water uncooked manicotti shells 15 oz ricotta cheese, part skim 1 cup shredded mozzarella, part skim 1 cup shredded parmesan cheese 1 egg oregano, black pepper, 1 clove garlic minced 1) brown the meat & onion; add 1 jar of spaghetti sauce & 1 cup water; combine 2) in a bowl, mix the ricotta & egg; add mozz, parmesan, oregano, black pepper, & 1 clove of garlic, minced (I'm not sure about the measurements of the herbs...I just added it until it looked well balanced and smelled good???) 3) using a butter knife, stuff the uncooked pasta shells with the cheese mixture 4) in a crock pot, add sauce mix to the bottom of the crock pot to cover the bottom (about 1 cup or so) 5) lay one layer of manicotti shells in the bottom of the crock pot, close but not touching 6) cover with a layer of sauce 7) add another layer of manicotti shells and cover with remaining sauce 8) top with about 1/2 jar of spaghetti sauce to cover noodles completely; add just a bit more water to the top of the sauce; 9) cover & cook on high for about 1 hour; reduce to low and cook about 2-3 hours, until the pasta is tender.

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