Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Fever!

The sun is shining! The snow is melting!! The air is warming up!!! I am definitely in the mood for spring! And it was so refreshing to see a few new spring-themed kits hitting the digi stores! I did a few layouts with the new Build-Your-Own-Collab kit (BYOC) at the Lilypad... LOVE the spring colors!

All of these pictures are from Easter 2009.

Bunny Ears: While I was trying to get NICE pictures of the three kids on Easter morning, a bunny ears battle broke out! They were seriously cracking up! It was the funniest thing ever... so much for 'good' pictures... these were even better!

(Click here to view full credits.)

Egg Hunt Layouts: So I managed to get a layout done for Isaac and for Meagan. I have every intention of doing one of Sebastian as well. I just have been rather short on scrapping time lately! I'll get to it! Will probably come right back to this kit for it... LOVE it!

(Click here to view full credits.)

(Click here to view full credits.)

I am SO ready to bust the windows wide open and send the kids outside to play (minus snow boots!). Spring fever has definitely set in!!

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