Friday, December 16, 2011

Hold the Lettuce

Another layout for my Christmas album for 2010. I know these little hamburgers were already included on one of the pages, but I wanted to sort of zoom in on them and include them as something extra special. Because I LOVE these little cookies... not even that they're that good, but just that they make me happy. So cute. For who-knows-what reason, they just make me feel Christmasy. I guess hamburgers will do that to you? *lol*

Journaling: "the hamburgers have been a part of my Christmas memories since childhood. Chocolate cookies, 'nilla wafers, food coloring & icing, and some shaved coconut. when i was young i didn't like coconut, so Mike woudl make me a few cookies with no 'lettuce' on them. now, though, i add the lettuce because i love the bright color they add to the cookies. delicious!"

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