Friday, December 16, 2011

it's been a while

my days of suits and heels, hosiery and business professional attire have gradually slipped by me until they've become a thing of my past.


until this week.

tuesday i had an interview.

before you get all worked up, it's for part-time work. just something to do during school hours to earn a bit of extra $$. nothing major. but still. a suite was required. so i had to go shopping. since it's been y.e.a.r.s. since i last bought a suit, the ones in my closet were either outdated or undersized (that's the nice way to say it, no?). i found a jacket, skirt and shirt at dress barn of all places. and a new pair of heels at payless right next door.

i gotta admit, it felt pretty good to get all dressed up. and i felt super tall in the heels. a girl could get a rush off of a little extra height every now and then.

the interview went well. interviewing has never been a thing that makes me nervous. i just see it as a chance to talk to new people. and you know me, i LOVE to talk to people. i'm a talker. :)

so we'll just see if my measly few available hours will be enough for some company out there to work with. i'll keep you posted. but if nothing else, i at least got a really cute outfit out of the deal!


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