Tuesday, December 6, 2011

small update...

i know my blogging has been stinkin' it up lately. i know.
i swear i'm still around.
for some reason i have about zero energy left in me by the time i actually get some blogging time. and i just don't feel like sitting at the computer or writing anything even remotely interesting, let alone witty or entertaining.
i'm there again tonight. it's 10:25, and i am just finishing up my project for the evening.
it's been a long day.
but i thought i better check in so you didn't start to wonder.

for starters, i DO have a few pictures of meagan's meet over the weekend. i'll post photos and results soon... maybe tomorrow?

we've been busy. i hate that word. i hate to answer 'how have you been?' with 'busy.' it's not really a state of being. it's just, well... busy. dumb. but that's what we've been. lucas has been working lots... thankfully he in on vacation this week and can just have some down time.

the kids have all had dentist appointments in the past week and a half-ish. and me. no cavities for any of us. just lots of trips to the dentist, because of course we could not get them - any of them - scheduled on the same day.

believe it or not, we are STILL working on getting this back door issue squared away. the builder rep and a few other people came today and talked with lucas and me about it again. and then the door people called and set up an appointment for december 15th to come see what's wrong with it. so much for having it DONE by thanksgiving. nope, that did not even a little bit happen. *sigh* oh well... if it gets done in the end and we don't have to foot the bill, i will be happy.

i finished my first attempt at meagan's elf costume tunic. but i did it tonight after she went to bed, so i'm not actually sure whether or not it fits her. i'm not so super sure about the arm holes. but we'll see. it didn't turn out exactly as i had pictured it in my head, but i think it will do for a christmas program. and maybe it will do for a few wears besides that, maybe. we'll have to wait and see once she actually tries it on. i'm definitely not jumping ahead of myself, seeing as i haven't actually sewn anything since, oh, about 6th grade. nice.

we are also in the middle of decorating for christmas still. for some reason i'm just not really in the mood for it all yet. i don't feel like dragging out the boxes. or trying to find a place for things in yet another house. or dealing with the mess that has to be put away once the decorations are in place. but since people are coming to our house this weekend for isaac's birthday party, i figure i should probably get the boxes out of our little downstairs 1/2 bath, which is where i shoved them when the builders came this morning. so it's really much more of a storage closet than a functioning restroom at the moment... could prove to be problematic if i don't take care of that soon.

so there's what we've been up to. lots of gymnastics. lots of daily life. lots of feeling sleepy at the end of the day. we are all still working on getting over our various forms of yuck - meagan's cough is slowly slowly lessening, and my head is producing much less gunk than it has in the past few weeks. but neither of us are 100% yet, which just compounds the tired. so on that note, i'm going to go lay down in my nice squishy comfy warm bed and watch the season finale of covert affairs and fall asleep. i shall TRY to get back in the morning and get some gymnastics pictures and results posted for you.


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