Thursday, December 8, 2011

meet #2

as promised... a few pictures and some results. last weekend was meagan's second meet. it was a horrible meet as far as organization and set up. definitely no bonus points for the hosts. but whatever.

as far as meagan, though, she improved in almost everything. every one of her scores went up EXCEPT beam... she fell of THREE times. 1. 2. 3. uggh. i felt aweful for her, but she stuck it out like a trooper. i could tell she was frustrated about it though when she walked back to sit down. i was really proud of how she handled herself though. no crabbies. she just sucked it up and moved on. love that!

she ended up placing 14th on vault and on bars. she placed 20th all-around. so she walked away with 3 medals (yes, they're extra generous with their awards at this level... she loves it!). it was a good day. and apart from the beam score, all of her scores went up from her first meet. YAY! she was only .775 points away from qualifying for state, so it looks like by the end of the season she has a good chance of being able to compete at state. good for her!!! we're so proud!

meg and some of her teammates while they were waiting for the first session to finish up:

vault warm-up... fun action shot:

we sat right by the vault runway, so she went nuts when she saw us. so fun!



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