Saturday, December 24, 2011


well here's how it went down. our night was such that it did NOT end up on my list of all-time favorites. isaac got sick several times before finally falling (and staying) asleep around 10:30.

at 9:00, meagan was crying consistently about her ear, and was ASKING to go to the hospital to get it fixed. *sigh* poor thing. so we went to the emergency room. ear infection in her left ear. they gave her numbing drops, tylenol with codine, and an antibiotic. i brought her home, and she also crashed by 10:30.

and they decided to still sleep in front of the tree. illness and all, they weren't willing to give up on tradition. so they spread out their blankets on the floor, and watched movies (except meagan who was at the ER while the boys watched tv). by 10:30 they were all asleep in front of the Christmas tree. we left the tree lights on for them over night.

and they all woke up super happy and feeling fine this morning. isaac ate breakfast and is doing fine. meagan is bouncing around like last night never happened. so i guess we're on the mend! yea!!!


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