Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break: Days 1-4

Day 1: Friday, 3/30
* Sleeping in! Woot! No early morning routine to catch the bus before sunrise. *happy sigh*
* Movies... Lucas took Sebastian to see Hunger Games (Lucas was feeling awful, but he wanted Sebastian to get to see his movie). I took Isaac and Meagan to see the Lorax. Yay for Hunger Games. Boo for Lorax. It was no bueno. Not good at all, no matter how much I love Dr. Seuss and his genius.

* Barnes & Noble to pick up a book that we ordered for Sebastian. I love that my kids all love to browse the book store. They all have a book wish list a mile long. They could definitely be wishing for worse things.

Day 2: Saturday, 3/31
* I spent the better part of the morning getting coupons, a menu, and a grocery list ready. Then I spent a solid 2 1/2 hours grocery shopping. On a Saturday. Not the best timing. Oh well.
* After dinner, we headed to Dick's to find some weights and a mat for the basement floor. Apparently P90X isn't so fun on hard concrete floor. Meagan thought the punching dummy was hilarious!! She kept trying to strangle him and punch him out. *lol*

Day 3: Sunday, 4/1
*Palm Sunday! A children's choir from Cape Town, Africa performed in service today. It was amazing! They were inspiring! We made the decision as a family to support a child at the orphanage where these children live. We talked to the kids about how we are SO very blessed, and how we have a responsibility to help give to others in return. They are excited to give their giving money toward helping to feed, house, and educate someone else. I love that!
*Poor Lily is now the focus of lots of kid attention. After effectively having the quiet house all to herself for the past few months, she's suffering a bit of culture shock.
* Lucas packed up and headed out for training in Ohio this week. We'll miss him. Bummer he can't hang out with us for Spring Break. :(
* The kids and I had a Dairy Queen treat after dinner. Maybe Meagan will stop BEGGING for it now... at least for a few days. Maybe.
This is heaven in a bowl. Fact.

Day 4: Monday, 4/2
* I did a week of Project Life catch-up! I've still got 6 more weeks to do.
* We had to make a store run today, so we had a lunch date at Applebee's while we were out.
* We came home from lunch and cleaned the basement. We got ALL of the toys out of the floor. The back of the van is loaded with bags of toys and books and games to be donated. And the floor has been vacuumed and scrubbed with Lysol. Yes, it was that bad that we had to bust out the Lysol. *sigh* But it looks SO much better now! Yay!
* Meagan was the ONLY one who showed up for practice today, so she had 90 minutes of just her and the coach 1-on-1. She worked HARD for an hour and a half. With no one else in the class to take turns, she was working non-stop! But her coach said she had a great upbeat attitude the whole time, even when it got tough. I love to hear that!
*Meagan got bit by a dog today. On her neck. Right at the jugular. I was a bit worried about it because it nearly broke the skin... left scrapes and purple blood marks, but no actual bleeding. I asked her what happened, and she said she hugged the doggy good-bye. I'm guessing her idea of a loving hug is not the same as the dog's idea. Still, I told her she should just give that doggy his space from now on. Grrr. Anyway, we washed it, and she iced it, and she seems to have essentially forgotten about it by now. That's fine with me.

(Sorry, no pictures of day 5. I forgot to take my phone with me when we were at Applebee's. And we didn't do much else besides clean the basement. Not sure basement pics would be too exciting).

The kids are now getting ready to lay down for their nighttime movie. It's Meagan's night to pick, and it looks like Daddy Daycare is her pick.


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