Saturday, April 7, 2012

try try again.....and again

We're going strong on our eat-at-home and eat-healthy-foods plan. Today I was planning on making turkey burgers and pizza. I was originally going to make the pizza for lunch, but then realized I didn't have the cheese I needed. So turkey burgers for lunch (and ohmygoodness I have a new favorite burger topping....sweet onion salsa and grilled die for!).

After lunch I was getting ready to start doing other stuff, when Meagan reminded me that we still needed to do eggs. *mental forehead slap* How do I forget this stuff sometimes? Really? * i dunno* So I boiled the eggs and prepared for egg coloring. But somehow I got distracted by laundry and a phone call with my mom, and it ended up being 4:00 or so before I finished with the eggs (plus, I had to boil a second round of eggs because several in the first round cracked). Nearly time to start making dinner. But I still didn't have the dumb cheese.

So. I set up the tablets in the little coloring cups, crushed them up, and let them sit and dissolve while I made a trip to the grocery. I got the cheese (and a pack of york peppermint minis for a treat for myself) and came home to start on coloring eggs and making pizza. I got the kids started on the eggs, then I got all my stuff out for making pizza... and then realized I didn't have pizza sauce. *REALLY?* Grrr...

Thankfully, our kids are old enough now to do their own thing for the egss. I let them have at it while I made ANOTHER trip to the grocery. For sauce. Only sauce. Dumb. By the time I got home, they were almost done with the eggs. *sigh* I feel like I missed it, which makes me feel grumpy. But I'm thankful that they were able to keep going without me, or else it would have dragged on for quite a while. So I guess in the end, it all worked out, and I just have to face the facts that my kids don't need me for all of the stuff they used to need me for. And I guess I can be okay with that.

I AM okay with that. Just sometimes I forget.

I think we've used this same cheapy set of coloring cups since the beginning of time. They're cheap. They're easy. They work. Why change it?

Having only 5 cups of color and 3 kids, we had to figure out a system for keeping track of their eggs... they're pretty protective of which eggs are theirs. So we take a slip of paper, write the colors across the top. As they put their egg in the color, they write their initial by that color. When they take it out, they cross their initial off. Very simple. And it works. And we avoid arguements.

Favorite Eggs:
My favorites are always the really vibrant greens and blues...
And here's the whole collection...

Happy Easter!!


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