Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

As Christmas inches its way closer, I'm slowly checking things off the list! Tonight we accomplished puppy Christmas shopping, and can I say, this is one spoiled puppy! After his training class (which consisted of loose-leash walking, greeting people and dogs, and 'leave it'), we perused PetSmart and picked out his gifts. He got a giant bed that was $30 off, a few toys, and a few treats.
The classes must be working because he was an absolute angel in the store while we were shopping. Seriously. It made me so happy to see him behaving so nicely!

I've got everything stuffed in his stocking and ready to go.  He will be one happy puppy come Christmas morning!

While we're on wintery topics, can I just say that it makes my heart happy to finally finally be seeing some snow! I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see it again. And it makes me laugh to watch Dublin out in it. He can't decide whether he loves it or hates it. Funny stuff! Unfortunately for him, he's getting his snip job tomorrow, so he won't be feeling much like romping in the snow when he gets home. Hopefully there will be more of it over Christmas break so we can all go out and play!

Working backwards...I told you about today's puppy class and shopping trip... yesterday was Meagan's music program at school. It was called Christmas in the West, and -  you guessed it - she had to wear western gear. Prior to this program, she has never ever had anything even remotely "western" in her wardrobe. But, planning ahead for the program, she picked out a pair of boots, and she has worn said pair of boots every day since getting them (see photo above *lol*). For Christmas, Grandma & Grandpa H. got her a new pink pair of boots and a cowboy hat to match! Of course, she went with the fancy pink ones for the program! And she looked super cute!

 Tuesday was Isaac's 10th birthday!! Two kids in double-digits! Yikes!
He had a great birthday.  For starters, his teacher sang to him in front of the whole class, which he would like to pretend meant nothing, but he LOVED. Then he got the best. gift. ever (according to him), which was PS3 Battle Royale, which he got to open right after school and play with his friends!

And THEN he got to choose anything he wanted for dinner. He chose Applebee's (which would not be my own personal choice, but it's his birthday, not mine). But really, who doesn't love the appetizer sampler, right?! He and Meagan shared it. She eats the chicken chunks and celery, he eats the quesadillas and mozzerella sticks, and they share the spinach dip. Perfect!


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Melissa said...

Totally random, but our new sofa color was described by the furniture store owner as weimeraner and it's so true! Your new pup is so pretty!