Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday, Snowy Sunday

I think our Christmas celebrations are officially over. This Friday, we drove to Ohio to have Christmas with my parents and brother and sister and their families. It was great to see everyone and spend some chill-out time with them. We even took Dublin with us, and he did a great job! We were pleasantly surprised with how well-behaved he was for being such a puppy!

Today we woke up late, so didn't make it to church. Still, we spent a relaxing day together as a family. One thing Isaac had asked for for his birthday was to go see The Hobbit, so we did that today. Surprisingly, it held everyone's attention - even Meagan's! We were entertained the whole way through, and didn't mind the length of the movie at all. The Hobbit was our dinner conversation, and the kids are excited to read the book together as a family... maybe that will be our evening reading tonight.

After the movie, the kids took the doggy out to play in the snow again. None of our kids seem to be able to get enough of being out in the snow! It's great, although we have no more pristine pretty snow... it's all stomped and squished and demolished... but it's played in, just as snow should be.

Of course, they each had 2 cups of hot chocolate when they came inside, and then plopped down in front of the fire to finish warming up! I'm so glad they have had a winter this winter... especially over their break from school!



Val said...

The pictures are SO FABULOUS! I just wish you coulda stopped through here, too. =/

Rebecca H. said...

Val, me too!! We were about an hour-ish away from you guys... :(