Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's a Snuggle Day

It's day 2 of having Meagan home from school with a fever and cough. While I hate that she's sick, and I feel bad calling off of work, I have to admit it was nice to be able to get some stuff done around the house yesterday. Today I'm thinking I'll focus on laundry. Other than that, I might just play a bit.

So, this is how sick days are spent around here, now that Dublin is part of the family.
 He's getting so big that he barely fits in the recliner, let alone both of them. But they still find a way.
 It's shaping up to be a day much like yesterday... lay on the couch and watch cartoons. She discovered that a new season of My Little Pony has started, so she's patiently waiting for a new episode to come on.

Over the weekend (while everyone was still healthy-ish), we got the tree and most of the Christmas decorations up. I really wasn't in the mood to do it, but I made it through. Meagan was so excited to get the tree up...I couldn't disappoint her just because I was feeling Grinchy.
 I admit, the colorful lights do have a soothing effect. Something about them just makes me feel happy.
 This year Meagan wanted to help me put the lights on... not an easy task. I'm pretty particular about the lights. I don't like to see all the wires everywhere, so I wrap the strands around each branch so that they lay along the branches. I showed her how, and she did a few branches. The tree is pretty scratchy, though, so she didn't last long. She said, "I'm done now. That looked more fun that it really was." Don't I agree!! *lol*
 So this is what our living room looks like with all the Christmas explosion of stuff.  See, we got it all painted!! I love not seeing white walls anymore! The fireplace wall & the back wall are both a dark brown, although with the light coming in from 3 windows, it lightens up quite a bit in the daytime.
And we moved Dublin's crate from the eat-in dining area to the corner of the living room. Now, not only is he more in the center of family activity, but his giant bulky cage isn't the first thing you see when you walk in. Win, win.


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