Sunday, December 16, 2012

For some of you, you might have seen this on facebook already, so this will be redundant. But I thought I would share videos of Sebastian's first meet. He had a great day, & did really well. After being sick for the latter part of last week, he made the decision to take out a few of the bonus elements from some of his routines, and he did make a few mistakes... but he wasn't derailed by them. We talk often about moving on past the stuff you can't change, and not letting one mistake carry forward into the next thing you do. I think he did a great job at staying calm & focused. I was really proud of him for that!
The meet results: He won first in all 6 events and all-around! His age group was rather small, so that's not to say that this is indicative of how the whole season will be for him. But I'm one to take the good when you can, so we'll play up the win and let him enjoy it!

Vault: score - 9.5

Parallel Bars: score - 10.8

High Bar: Score - 10.6

Floor: Score - 9.2

Pommel Horse: Score - 10.7

Rings: Score - 10.1

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Val said...

Scott and I watched and we are VERY impressed. Nice sticking and great control and very fluid! Well done, Sebastian! You rocked it. =)