Thursday, November 29, 2012


We didn't win the lottery. Life continues as usual.

I'm on round 2 of antibiotics from the bug I mentioned in my previous post. I can't wait to feel better. This is just no fun.

Our house is a mess. Seriously. Not only have I neglected things like the laundry (which has exploded all over the upstairs, apparently), but we then added to it by taking everything off of the walls so we could paint.

With the exception of the tiny hallway by the garage door, and the little half bath in the same hallway, we have painted everything on the first floor. It feels SO nice to finally have color on the walls!! Now to get everything put back together... sigh.

We are on a break between gymnastics meets. For those of you who are interested, Sebastian's first meet is coming up 9 days from now. He will compete bright and early Saturday the 8th in Champaign, IL. 

I haven't taken many pictures lately, so I don't have much to share with you that is visually stimulating. I'll see what I can come up with for another post soon.  I've been working on my Document Your December album for 2011 December, so maybe I can snap a few pics of that and share. I'll do my best.

Gotta run...breakfast time is over, and I have to make sure Thing 2 and Thing 3 don't miss the bus. Have a great day!


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