Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Happy Place

This is my happy place. It has been since we first moved here and I took my first bike ride through these trails. It's beautiful. It's quiet. It's natural. It's everything I love most about existence.

This place speaks to me like no other that I encounter in my daily life. I love that this relatively untouched space can be found practically right in the middle of sculptured lawns and technology-driven society. I can draw so many parallels to life standing in the middle of these woods. It makes me happy sigh.

So lately, this has been our walking destination. I get home from work, grab something random for lunch, and grab Dublin for a walk. He doesn't so much love the part of the walk where he has to behave on his leash while we're getting there, but I think he loves this place as much as I do. Once we get there, and I can let him off leash, he is a happy puppy.

At first he was unsure of the bridge, but he got over his insecurities pretty quickly. Now he just runs across it like nothing.

Chasing leaves = happiest puppy in the world.

Down by the river... again, he was unsure at first, and is still a bit hesitant to get too far out into the water (I bet it's cold). But he loves to stick his nose where it doesn't belong (ha!) and investigate. Plus, it's an endless supply of rocks! Good stuff!

Nature's camouflage...


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