Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy girl, happy puppy

The last few weeks have gone by in a blur. Between 2 gymnastics meets, plus trying to overcome a bug of some sort that had me down for several days, and still having to keep up with life as usual... it's been hard to keep up.

I know I keep saying it, but I really do want to get back into the habit of blogging regularly. So let's pretend I'm not a week late on sharing these pictures with you.

The other day (Sunday I think) I took Meagan with me to walk Dublin, and we went down to the woods. Simply put, she had a ball! She is definitely an outdoorsy type of girl - always has been - and she was definitely in her element. Plus, she had a playing buddy, which just made it all that much better.

On the walk to the woods, we pass by a semi-open area of lower-lying brush and ground cover and so on. There is lots of evidence that it's good bedding ground for deer, and there are always a few other smaller creatures to be found there. The county has made a walking path through there... but apparently Meagan doesn't need no stinking path. She went off-roading through all the small trees and high brush. At one point she almost got tangled in some brambles, but she managed to pick her way through it.

Not to be outdone, Dublin followed.

Of course, we made a straight line for the river, where Dublin wasted no time sticking is face right in and getting a drink.
Dribble face
I love this picture. It captures perfectly the simple fact that these 2 are inseparable. Wherever she goes, he follows. He just will not let her out of his sight.
Meagan has a wild imagination and a flair for adventure. She found some large pieces of bark, lots of large branches and twigs, and began building a shelter. And a raft. And then she told me that when she is older, she will live in the woods and build her own log cabin. And her husband will stay home and take care of the kids while she goes to work. And her work will be building their house, and of course, the kids will help (good luck with that one babe).

Like I said, he never leaves her side. In all the pictures where it's just her, it's simply because he is just barely out of the shot.

This adventure made for one happy girl. And one even happier puppy. On the way home, Meagan asked if we can go to the woods every Tuesday and Thursday (her 2 days she doesn't have gymnastics). While we may not be able to go 2 times a week every week, I promised her we will definitely go again soon.


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