Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cows on Ice

Yesterday, seeing as it was Monday and all, I got up and gave it my best shot at getting through the work day (with ALL 3 KIDS in my office while I worked...we took Wall-E & toys, but it was barely enough to hold their attention...thank goodness for the play money I had stashed in my office for training!). By 10:30, though, Pastor Mark had given me the boot - he kicked me out - I think he said something to the effect of I looked like I was dying (LOL)...which is about how I felt, so he wasn't too far off. I had grossly overestimated my ability to be upright & functional the day after being completely laid out. Oh well, I tried.

So, I cancelled all of my afternoon plans / appointments / etc, and headed home. The only strenuous activity I did for the rest of the day was playing Star Wars the Clone Wars Monopoly with Lucas & the boys. It ended badly for all of us except Lucas (the greedy property hoarder!). Isaac's attention span failed him about 30 minutes into the game, and from there, Sebastian & I went downhill quickly. The only thing that kept me going was that I owned all 4 ships (equivalent to the railroads in the regular game), so I was getting some pretty good rent payments. Lucas, however, owned the Monopoly on the blue properties (you know, like where Board Walk & Park Place usually are), and he had cities on each one. I landed on one once, and I had to pay him $1500. That was it for me...I was done for! After our game, I was worn out again, and went back and plopped on the couch.

I'm feeling SOOOO much better today! I made up one of my appointments this morning that I had to cancel yesterday. So, the kids & I headed to a friend's house, where they played with a bunch of kids while I helped them with some accounting stuff. On our way home (through the country roads), we passed a farm where their cows were all skating along on the top of the frozen pond in the yard. VERY FUNNY!! Who knew cows could ice skate. Considering it has been fairly warm for the last few days, I was wondering what would happen if one of them were to fall through the ice...??? I can only hope no livestock were injured in their ice-capades! It was a rather funny sight, that's all I can really say about it!

This afternoon, I made up the rest of my work from yesterday. Then we all went to Bob Evan's for dinner (which I ate entirely too much, after eating almost nothing for 2 days.... blah!). Now the kids are watching the Tinkerbell Movie before bedtime...tomorrow Grandma & Grandpa H. are headed this way to celebrate Christmas and New Year with us! Although my house is a bit messier than I would prefer for company, I'm excited to see them! Hopefully they will be too into the kids to mind my messy house. :)

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