Monday, December 15, 2008

I don't know which is worse...

Okay, so the story I wanted to tell you last Monday that I couldn't because of our technical difficulties:

Monday after work, I headed home to get the boys off of the bus before picking Meagan up from preschool. I often do this on days that I leave work later than intended...that way I make sure I'm home by the time the bus gets to our house...I just have to get Meagan before 6:00, so there's definitely some leeway there.

We picked Meagan up, and headed home to get dinner going and hang out for the evening. As I was driving, Meagan was telling me about her day at school and so on. Then she asked me if she could watch TV when we got home. I told her I would turn TV on for her while I cooked dinner. She seemed pleased with that, and she sat quietly for a few minutes....

During those few minutes, she obviously observed that Isaac had his thumb in his mouth. Being the little sister that she is, she says, "Isaac, no thumb. Your mouth has germs. Now you have to wash it. You're gonna get germs everywhere and make us all sick. Thumbs are for babies. That's gross."

To which he promptly replies, "Oh yeah, well you're gonna get fat because you like to watch too much TV."

Vicious aren't they? They fight like a bitter married couple! Sheesh! Anyway, I'm not sure which is worse...the raking he took for sucking his thumb, or his retaliation to her about getting fat because she wanted to watch Dora.

Needless to say, we then had a discussion about RESPECT. The joys of mothering are never-ending.

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