Monday, December 15, 2008

Wednesday through Friday

Since I didn't get to tell you about my week last week, I'll give a quick run-down now. It can pretty much be summed up in one statement: Meagan was sick.

Wednesday night, Meagan refused to eat her dinner. At first I thought she just didn't want to eat what we were having, but I didn't really force the issue (thankfully). I simply said, "That's fine. You may choose not to eat, but you will not get a brownie for desert when the boys get theirs." She said okay, and got up and left the table. I knew something wasn't right.

Not two minutes later, she came back into the kitchen and told me she was really cold and she needed some blankets. Bad sign. So, I snuggled her up in some blankets, and called the church to let them know I would NOT be doing bus that evening...the thought of "sick" on a dirty bus full of kids just wasn't appealing.

I stuck her in the tub after dinner and then got some PJ's on her. About five minutes after her tub, it started....and it kept going and going and going until well into the night. It stopped around midnight, and I had about a three hour reprieve. But, from 3:30 or so until morning, she was okay. She tried a small breakfast, and it started all over again.

So, I spent Wednesday night & all day Thursday doing mountains and mountains of laundry - clothes, blankets, towels, get the idea. I cleaned all the hard surfaces in the house, and sprayed everything - EVERYTHING - with Lysol. And then did it AGAIN after she continued to get sick on the freshly-cleaned floor! Poor baby girl. But, by about 1:00 on Thursday, the activity had started winding down, and she went the rest of the day without incident.

Friday morning, I assumed (you know what they say about that) she was better, since it had been nearly 20 hours since she had been sick. I was wrong. About 9:00 in the morning she got to coughing and made herself sick again. So, I decided it was time for a trip to the doctor. I had a suspicion she had some sinus issues in addition to the stomach bug, and I thought it best not to let it go all weekend...especially with Isaac's birthday party planned for Saturday.

Our doctor confirmed my suspicions - #1 stomach virus, #2 sinus infection mumbo jumbo. He put her on an antibiotic for the infection and encouraged me that I should be seeing the end of the viral issue shortly (as long as no one else in the house caught it, that is). We started the medicine right away, and saw a great deal of improvement even by Saturday morning. I did one last spray-down with the Lysol, and my mom (who was up for the birthday party) helped me out by touching up the bathrooms and such again before the party. I felt comfortable that our house was as disinfected as it was ever going to get until we can open up the windows in the spring and let some fresh air in.

So far, she has been the only one who has really gotten anything. The boys are also on antibiotic, because they had all the same symptoms as her as far as the congestion junk goes. Lucas, Sebastian and I have all had moments where we've not felt the greatest, but nothing ever really comes of it - THANKFULLY!! I am definitely praying that we stay healthy - I'm not a big fan of being sick.

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