Thursday, September 17, 2009

Album Additions

It's been a while since I've posted any layouts... I sort of took a break from scrapping for a bit so I could try to keep up with life in general! But I have been accumulating layouts here and there, and have six new ones to share!

Apple Orchard - From our October 2008 trip to the orchard for Meagan's preschool field trip. Still today, these are some of my favorite pictures. Maybe because it was such a fun memory! Maybe because I got 2 good shots her she and I together. Maybe it's just her cute black & white coat against the crisp fall colors. Who knows... I was just happy to finally get them scrapped to my satisfaction. I used a new kit by Sahlin Studios called Explore.Learn.Grow.

Today is Friday - I posted the guts of this layout last week. I took my Friday experiment and stuck it on a layout to document it visually. I used a cute kit by Roben-Marie at The DigiChick and some Sahlin Studio templates that she did based on a few of my own layouts... that was definitely something new for me! I swear the templates look better than my layouts did! LOL!

You - I LOVE these photos of Meagan. I snapped them the first day I had my new camera at one of Sebastian's baseball games. I swear I did NOT touch up her eyes to make them look like that. They really, truly photographed that blue! I did this layout, oddly enough, using a kit called BROWN-Eyed Girl, LOL! I have been holding these for a while to find something that I really liked to show them off.

All Dressed Up - A few pics of Meagan all dolled up for her very fancy tea party she had at Grandma H.'s house during the 2008 summer vacation. She might not always ACT very girly, but that girl sure does love herself some fancy dresses! She is such a contradiction sometimes! Again, oddly enough, the name of the kit I used was 'Contradiction'.... which is how I ended up with these pictures, because the name of the kit immediately made me think of my daughter!

Sunshine - This picture is of Isaac when he was only about 3 days old. He had jaundice after he was born, and the CRAZY doctor at the hospital went nutso on me and was NOT going to let me bring Isaac home because she said I would just sit him in a corner and let him get brain damage... someone should have jerked her license right out from under her... anyhow, she finally agreed to let me take my child home with me if I PROMISED to keep him in direct sunlight as much as possible - a tricky thing to do in the middle of December/January, some of the gloomiest months of the year. So this is our little corncob baby basking in what little sunlight we could find.
I used Dreaming of You by Shanmomto4 Designs

New Crayons - I swear one of the best 'little things' about childhood was a fresh box of crayons and a new coloring book! That was always such a treat! I remember opening the box and just admiring all of the fresh, sharp, colorful points, imagining all of the beautiful things I could create with them. Something about fresh art supplies.... anyway, Meagan apparently has the same fascination. We went to Wal-Mart one day for a few things & came home with a new box of crayons & coloring book. She was in 7th heaven all afternoon! Eventually every crayon was dumped out on the floor so she could see the colors better. LOL
For this layout I used Colors of Life by Cardamome and Everyday Play Alpha by Krystal Hartley

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