Wednesday, September 2, 2009

more and more

More and more I am noticing a fork in the direction of Meagan and the boys. More and more they are playing together and leaving her out. More and more they are unwilling to play girly games, and require her to play their "boy" games if she wants to play with them. More and more she is feeling the effects of being the only girl, and she is desperately wanting someone to play with her. Until this time, the boys have been very patient, very willing play mates. She has had very little trouble finding someone to play with her. Lately though, she has come to me to be her playmate. The only thing is, she keeps coming to me right at the time that I'm getting ready to do something or I am right in the middle of something. Sometimes it is something I can't put on hold. Other times, I have been able to make the choice to stop what I am doing and give her my time and attention. I feel bad, though, because I can only give her bits and pieces, or nothing would ever get done around here. What she really wants is for me to play at her side from sun up 'til sun down. What she really wants is a sister. Poor girl. She just needs to find a friend who can come over and play... a lot. (Just a note, I notice that her behavior gets most difficult to deal with when she is feeling the most frustrated about having to play alone. Interesting the way we have such a need for relationship and companionship even at such a young age, and how, even at four, that has such an impact on her mood and attitude. Amazing what can be learned about human nature by being a mommy.)

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