Sunday, September 6, 2009

You may be excused.

Again tonight Meagan was sent away from the dinner table for complaining and being disrespectful. She didn't like what we were having, and made it known in about ten different ways, from "I hate this" to "this is gross" to "I can't eat this." The list goes on. After a few moments of trying to redirect her and encourage her to try it, I gave her a warning. She continued, so I did what I told her I would do. She was simply excused from the table to go sit on her bed until everyone else was finished. No other food. No desert. No snack. She quickly started in with promises of "I won't complain...I won't whine anymore." But it was too late. So, her collective dinner consisted of about 4 bites of salad, one bite of baked potato, and a bite of garlic bread. She will be hungry for breakfast tomorrow!

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