Thursday, September 17, 2009

Inspiration Lane

One of the things I LOVE to do **WHEN*** I have some free time is to sit and browse through online galleries to see what others are doing. There are some amazingly talented ladies out there, and so many of them inspire me! But sometimes there is just something specific - or maybe something I can't quite quantify - about a layout that really triggers my creativity. Those layouts I like to tuck away for safe keeping, to draw from when I need a creative boost. I thought it would be fun to post a few such layouts from time to time so that I can look back later to see what has inspired me over time. And too, you can get a peek into some of the things I weigh into the whole process of making a layout.

So, here are a few layouts I found tonight that I really really like for one reason or another.

Handle with Care by SeattleSheri:

Holy buckets! This is just beautiful! I am so completely drawn to neutral backgrounds with vivid colors layered on top! This layout is full of stuff I love - gorgeous shadows, lots of brush work, and fantastic color combination!

All I need is Love by prisalles:

I love the way she used the same photo and cropped it 3 different ways. Love the black & white photos with the fun, bright colors. And I love the arrangement within the heart shape.

Sweet Candy Shoppe by JenJ:

I really like the paper & color she chose for the background. I think I am so drawn to it because it is something way outside of my comfort zone. I struggle to put patterns as the base of a layout, but she has done it so seamlessly. And the whole layout just oozes with the feel of her candy shoppe experience. I love that when the whole layout comes together to convey the memory.

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Sheri said...

Rebecca, thank you so much for featuring my page here! I am so flattered!
~Sheri (SeattleSheri)