Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of Drama

The first 2 days of school went off without so much as a tiny little hiccup. We were on time. Everyone was happy. Everyone was cooperative. No rushing. No problem!

Today, we had our first morning with any hint of stress. Maybe it was from the entire bowl of cereal & milk that was spilled all over the kitchen floor, requiring 1/2 a roll of paper towels to clean it up. Maybe it was the food squished & smeared all over the lunch box (that had been left in the book bag instead of taken out & put away properly). Or maybe it was something else... like the fact that the kids left the breakfast table at 8:00, with a good 20 minutes left to get dressed & brush teeth, yet when I went up to check on Isaac (who had yet to come back downstairs) at 8:16, I found him in his room with his PJ shirt on and his bare bottom hanging out.... clearly had NOT been getting dressed or brushing teeth for the last 16 minutes.... I suspect a Pokemon Card distraction (which is often the case when the boys get sidetracked)! Since the bus is schedule to pick them up at 8:20, we had 4 minutes to throw his clothes on, scrub his teeth, and rush down to grab shoes and his backpack.

I told him that if it happens again, he is losing his Pokemon cards for 3 days, among other things. If it continues to be an issue, I suppose their bedroom will have to be gutted and left completely void of all toys and books. I don't want to have to do that (mostly because it will cause a serious crowding problem in the basement), but I would rather do that than have to rush to beat the bus in the mornings!

Now, moving on with the day..... here's hoping for a stress-free morning from this point forward!

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