Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Pictures!

We had a great morning! The kids got up bright and early, ready to get back to school! They got themselves dressed before breakfast (although Isaac had to change pants twice, once because he 100% did not match, and once because his 2nd choice didn't even fit him). During breakfast Sebastian lost his front tooth (he lost his other front tooth a few days ago, so now he has a big giant gap in the front of his face!! lol!).

As we were finishing getting ready, Isaac started acting really funny - being very quiet and moody. I talked to him for a minute and realized he was getting nervous. Honestly, I had expected this from him, but I had expected it would have happened much earlier than this. We talked, and he asked me to pray with him, so we prayed. He seemed to settle, and he perked up quite a bit. Then we rushed outdoors to wait.

We did the picture thing, of course! LOL! Have you ever known me to pass up a photo-op?! The bus was actually on time, surprisingly! And I, of course, got choked up as I watched my big boys climb up the steps and onto the bus, on their way to a new year in a new school.

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