Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So How'd It Go?

Isn't that the question of the day on the 1st day of school? Especially being in a new school, with new classmates and teachers that are completely unfamiliar? I know I was eager to find out, as I'm sure you are!

I went to the school to pick the boys up today. We had to be at gymnastics by 4:30, and I just don't trust the busing system to run on-time the first day! Isaac came running out with a great big smile on his face. He told me he has the best room ever in the whole building because it's the newest room (apparently an addition?). He said he doesn't know anyone in his class, and he forgot to eat the snack I sent (so he ate class graham crackers instead), but he had fun. Lunch was good (hot dog). His special was Music. Generally good report.

Sebastian, on the other hand, walked out with a kind of sulky look on his face. He got in the van & didn't say much. When I asked about his day, he answered with a nonchalant "good." Hmmm... Mom's suspicions are up. He really didn't offer up much info, even when I asked specific questions. I did find out that he remembers the name of one classmate he met today; it was kind of weird to have 2 different teachers (they switch teachers mid-day... one teaches a few subjects & the other teaches the rest); the ceilings are lower than they are at his old school (leave that one to Sebastian to observe); and he tried carrots with lunch but didn't really like them (he prefers crunchy, uncooked carrots). That was about it from him.

I suspect that he is missing his friends, some of whom he had been in class with for 3 straight years. I suspect he is missing the familiar and feeling a bit displaced. Please keep both of the boys in your thoughts & prayers over the next few weeks of adjustment. Things that seem so small and insignificant to us as adults can seem insurmountable as a child. All in all, though, I think they'll do just fine. It will just take some time to settle in.

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