Saturday, December 19, 2009

Birthday Boy - 7 Years Old!

Our baby boy turned 7 yesterday! Wow! Look how grown up he looks... it's crazy to me to even think about it!
For his birthday, he chose dinner at Applebee's. Well, originally he had picked Chuck-E-Cheese. But we were JUST there about 2 months ago (and Lucas & I can only take so many trips to Chuck's per year... we've had 3 this year.... which is about 2 too many...LOL). So I had told Isaac, if Chuck-E's was what he really wanted, that was fine, but his other option was a different restaurant and a movie date.... so he opted for Applebee's & a movie.

HOWEVER... when we went to pick a movie to see, our choices were basically the Princess and the Frog or Planet 51. Initially I had no objections to either, but as I started reading the parent reviews on both of them, I quickly decided that, at least until Lucas and I have had a chance to preview them both, that neither one was an acceptable option for us to take our kids to see. The Princess and the Frog, apparently, has a bunch of Voodoo and blood sacrifices and consulting spirits from the dead... um, not quite what I would expect from a G-rated Disney movie. And Planet 51 was rated PG for mild Sexual content... like references to "probing of certain body parts that shall remain nameless" and "references to other unmentionable boy parts" - what! What the heck?! All I can say is 'GRRRRR!' How frustrating that I can't just take my kids to see a 'kids' movie and trust that it will have kid-friendly content! Aaaaaah!

So, I felt AWFUL because first I talked him out of Chuck-E-Cheese in exchange for a movie. Then I had to tell him no movie. Uggh! But we found a good compromise so that the whole night wasn't a total bust. We had a Blockbuster card good for 2 rentals, 2 20-oz Coke's and a big tub of popcorn for $12. So we went to Blockbuster after dinner, and he got to pick out two movies. So we came home and watched G-Force as a family, and the kids chowed on the big tub of popcorn. We also told him that when Alvin & the Chipmunks comes out, we'll try to go see that, since we had to miss his movie date. HOPEFULLY that one's content is safe enough and I won't have to break another deal!

At any rate, he seemed to enjoy himself. He's pretty laid-back when it comes to that stuff, so he just sort of rolled with the punches and had fun at whatever we were doing. I think he just enjoyed having the time together as a family... and getting presents never hurts! :)

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