Friday, December 4, 2009

You Stress Me Out!

Every Thursday, in order to get to Meagan's gymnastics practice on time (or close to it), I pick the kids up from school. First Meagan, then the boys (so that they miss as little of school as possible... ends up being only the last 15 minutes of the day).

Anyway, yesterday, I picked Meagan up a little behind schedule. To make up time, I thought I would avoid the stop lights of downtown, so I took some side roads instead. As I turned down the third side road, Meagan says to me, "Mommy, you know, you stress me out!"

(Laughing to myself) "Why is that, honey?"

"Because you always take the wrong roads! It just stresses me out!"

"I'm not on the wrong road, honey. We're just going a different way."

"Well, I think you still stress me out!"

We continued driving... As we turned onto the road the school is on, and the school came into view, she shouts, "Mom!! Look!! You FOUND the right road! Good job!"

As if I just accidentally stumbled upon the right road. She is hilarious!

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