Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting Scrappy

Yesterday was the last day of school until 2010! It was also Isaac's birthday (which means school birthday treats, provided by Mom), and Sebastian's class Christmas party, so the boys each had a special treat of sorts for their last day (plus, Isaac got to do show & tell, where he shared the light-up snowman that was on his birthday cake, so he was thrilled!).

When the boys got off the bus, they were buzzing with the excitement of a few weeks off of school. Like always, Lucas and I asked them how their days were. To our surprise, Sebastian informed us that he got in a fight on the playground. The story went something like this:

He & his friend Harley (and maybe a few other kids) were playing some game that involved having snowballs. They had made a bunch of snowballs that they were collecting into a pile. Well, apparently, some other kid was playing a different game that involved snowballs as well. That other kid came over and accused Sebastian of stealing his snow (pause to laugh at this's Michigan...there's PLENTY more where that came from!)... anyway... so the kid proceeded to kick and punch Sebastian. To which Sebastian replied with punches of his own. In comes Harley, who just started going at the kid (in Sebastian's defense, of course), leaving him with a bloody nose (at least according to Sebastian's retelling of the story). Eventually, the teacher split them up and sent the other kid to go scoop snow in another corner of the playground... problem solved.

After further discussion, we learned that this was not, in fact, his first fist fight at school. Nope, it was his second. He didn't really go into details about the first. Whatever. I didn't ask. He's a boy. It's bred in them. Life goes on.

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