Friday, November 11, 2011


what are we doing on this monumental date in history? we are gearing up for meagan's first meet. that's what we're doing.

she has her very first gymnastics meet tomorrow, and i have a list a mile long of things that need to get bought, packed, and done before we head out. but my to-do list is by no means the focus of today. she is. she is beyond excited. and more than a little nervous. she chattered about her meet all morning while i did her hair. she told me (and showed me) how you make pretty hands for dance elements and soluting judges. she told me that you get higher scores if you point your toes, have straight legs, and keep your feet together. she told me that she isn't all the way ready for this meet yet.

i told her it's not time to focus on the scores yet. that her day of being a rock star gymnast is coming, but that it's okay if it's not tomorrow. that tomorrow her focus should be checking out the meet and seeing what it's all about. it should be trying to get her floor routine to line up with the music (since she has never yet actually PRACTICED it with the music, that in itself would be an accomplishment all on its own). i told her to set a few goals, like staying on the beam, or sticking her landings on dismounts. she said, 'my goal is to do everything great.' hmmm... i don't think she was listening in all that time i was talking *lol* what can i say, my daughter is a hyper competitive perfectionist. not sure what else there is to say about that.

anyway, in preparation for their first meet, they had a mock meet earlier this week at their tuesday practice. she wanted to have curly hair, so we curled it all up. this was her for school on monday actually:
then she slept on it monday night, and we pulled it back into a spider web on tuesday for practice...
you should have SEEN the excitement and buzz in the gym on tuesday. it was a sea of glittery leotards, fancy hair do's and over-the-top giddy little girls. giddy.
parents weren't allowed to stay for the mock meet... not enough seating, plus maybe a bit of a distraction to the girls who really just needed to focus on what the coaches were saying. BUT i did manage to see her beam routine. she was just mounting when i got there to pick her up. she stayed on. it wasn't a train wreck. it was actually pretty cute. maybe not technically spectacular, but super adorable nonetheless.

so yes, tomorrow at 8:00 am the show starts. it should be quite a day. it will, at a minimum, be a VERY early morning for us. please be praying for her and her teammates that this will be a positive experience for them. i'll let you know how it goes.

p.s. sorry for the horrible picture quality... these came from my cell phone, and they were all pretty much taken in horrible lighting with very little chance at a still shot. lol

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