Monday, November 28, 2011

today was good

today was one of those days that doesn't really look out of the ordinary on the surface, but it was a really good day. it was made up of all kinds of little things that made me smile.

for starters, meagan had a dentist appointment this morning, which meant she didn't have to rush out the door to catch the bus, and we got to spend a little girl time together. not much, but some. i'll take whatever one-on-one time i can get with any of my kiddos... seems one-on-one time is hard to find these days.

then i found some SUPER deals on gifts for the kids at amazon today. i guess i have cyber monday to thank. but seriously, like $20 off of lego kits and whatever... shhh, don't tell.

i also found a super great deal on a gift for lucas... but that's about all i can say about that or he'll guess what it is. he's a brat like that.

and then i got gas and paid $2.99/gallon. seriously! the price did not start with a 3 for the first time in a looooooooooong time! that in itself was worth the party!

then i got to spend a bit of time browsing through barnes and noble. i was getting books for the kids for christmas. but there is just something about the atmosphere of a book store that i love. i love my kindle.... LOVE... but i hope book stores never go away. i love the little kiddy reading corners tucked away here and there. i love the isles and isles of paper and glossy covers. it all just makes me feel happy. maybe i'll look into getting a job at a book store. i could see loving that.

then it was off to get the kids from school. i love that as soon as they all pile into the van now they start telling me their favorite part of the day! it's the best. even the 2 little girls that we car pool with are always so excited to share their days. it's great!

and even though i had to sit through 2 hours and 15 minutes of gymnastics practice (car pool break down due to auto repairs), it was kind of nice. meagan is all of a sudden not looking like she's lost. she has gotten quite a few of her skills, and has only one on bars and one on floor to master. the rest is a matter of form, which is hit or miss on any given attempt. but it was still fun to see her excitement at her progress! and sebastian is really looking fantastic! i'm so proud of him! i can't wait for him to get his first taste of competition. it's just around the corner!

so there you have it. it was a good day. in all the ordinary sort of ways. i love that.


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