Wednesday, November 30, 2011

maybe a little ambitious

in 2 weeks isaac and meagan have their music program at school. meagan has to be dressed like an elf. which means iiiii have to make her an elf costume. hmmm...

well i'm not too hip with the idea of spending money to make something she will never use again. sooooo.... i got this brilliant, although admittedly VERY ambitious idea (considering i haven't really sewn anything in YEAAARS and i only have 2 weeks to pull it off). i decided to make her a little elf costume that she can reuse... maybe even wear for school or play clothes at least. here's my idea...

(i digress for a wee little second... if you haven't tried pinterest yet, TRY IT! it's full of creative genius and inspiration like you would not believe. plus some pretty practical tips, tons of recipes, decorating ideas, you name it. try it, you'll like it.)

i fond these ideas on pinterest. i think i will (TRY TO) alter them to work for what I have in mind.

this shirt for her elf tunic... in her size, not mine, obviously. i think i'll use maybe a 2" ribbon for the draw string in the front. let it hang down mid-thigh or just above the knee.

then these cuties for her leggings.
i'm thinking find some wal-mart leggings and sew the ruffles on. shouldn't be THAT hard, right? ???

and then if i get super ambitious, maybe one of these 2 headbands to match

we'll see how it goes. i'm going to start with the tunic and go from there. if i feel like i'm going to have a nervous breakdown with the shirt, then she's getting plain ol' pants and a store-bought santa hat i think. *lol* i'll let you know how it goes.


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