Thursday, November 10, 2011

the bad A word

meagan informed me tuesday after gymnastics that one of her teammates had said the bad "a" word during practice. my response was something to the effect of 'that's not a nice thing to say. we shouldn't talk like that' blah blah blah. she went further to say that sometimes her brothers also say the bad 'a' word, to which sebastian IMMEDIATELY took the defensive declaring he doesn't say that stuff... ever... oddly, isaac stayed pretty quiet *lol*. so the conversation went on for a few more minutes, talking about the way we choose to use our words, and so on. then there was a moment of silence, which was broken by meagan saying, "annoying. that's the bad 'a' word isn't it mamma? annoying isn't a nice word to say.'

i couldn't help but do a mental forehead slap. i KNOW better than to assume i know what's going on in her brain. i didn't see that one coming at all. so now i know why she was throwing her brothers under the bus *lol*. she went on to make sure there was a distiniction made between annoyING and annoyED. apparently, annoyed is an okay word to say because you're saying how YOU feel. but annoyING is calling somebody else something that's not nice, so we shouldn't say that. i guess i see her point. so i learned something new. and got a good laugh in the process.

motherhood is never dull.


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