Thursday, November 3, 2011


don't throw stones. i KNOW it's been over a week with no updates.

sometimes life is busy. too busy to sit and blog and edit pictures and whatever else.

so i thought i'd give you all a quick update before i go get read for the day. at least this way you know i'm still around. so here you go, an update of sorts, in random bullet point format.... *lol*

* we went trick or treating. there were very few houses participating. kind of a bummer. but they still have 3 buckets of candy, so i guess it worked out.

* tomorrow is gymnastics picture day. i'm about pictured out. school pictures. football pictures. gymnastics pictures. small fortunes for printed paper. *sigh*

* the door MANUFACTURER is coming to our house today to see if he can figure out why our door leaks. personally, i say, 'who cares WHY it leaks. it leaks. give me a new one.' clearly we are on two different pages at the moment.

* i made pumpkin muffins for desert yesterday. and bean soup for dinner. surprisingly, my two pickiest eaters both LIKED the bean soup. who knew?! i'll try to come back and post the recipe for the muffins later. it's pumpkin season, yum!

* i have managed to at least find the floor in the closet. i have a lot of organizing and arranging and sorting to do in there still. that is quite the undertaking.

* we got a king size bed. my parents had one in their guest room that they wanted to get rid of (downsizing to a full that will fit in there better i think). so they gave us the king. and we about peed our pants laughing at ourselves trying to move this thing up the stairs to our bedroom. poor lucas has ME for a lifting partner *rofl*

* tomorrow is grandparents' day / special person day at isaac and meagan's school. my mom is coming. she'll be meagan's special person, and i'll be isaac's. should be a good morning.

* we are coming up on meagan's 1st gymnastics meet. it's next weekend, and she is starting to get nervous. team pictures are tomorrow, and next week they will do a mock meet at one of their practices.

okay, so since the door people are coming in about 2 hours, i should go get cleand up and dressed. somehow i think pj's are inappropriate attire when conducting a 'give me a new door' meeting. i'll see if i can get some time later to come back and post a few things.


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