Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Buying Back Bedtime

Let's just tell it like it is...bedtime has been AWFUL lately. I've had no control whatsoever, and I've ended many evenings feeling completely frustrated. A friend of mine had given me an article on getting your kids to stay in bed. It had some cute ideas, but nothing that felt quite like the right solution. Then, my neighbor gave me a suggestion that sparked an I decided to buy back bedtime!

I gave the boys each a dish with 3 pennies in it to leave out in the hallway before bed. I told them that each time I had to go up to tell them to be quiet or to stay in bed, they would lose a penny. If they had any pennies left in the morning, they could buy computer time - 5 minutes per penny. HOLY COW! Worked like a charm! Last night I didn't have to say ANYTHING! I just got to sit on the couch & enjoy time with Lucas (watching American Idol & Hockey All-star skills game) SILENCE! Too bad I hadn't had this idea Monday Night. Maybe I would have actually been able to watch Prison Break without interruption!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Beck! I love, love, love this idea!!!! Although at the age mine are ( I'll have to be leaving $20.00 bills!!), this may be a possibility.....

Love ya!
Your Ohio Sis