Thursday, January 18, 2007

Until Now

Okay, until now, I've been totally against blogging. I'm just being honest - it just seemed like time waisted - more time on the computer than necessary - too much information going out to complete strangers! And yet, here I am writing up my first ever blog posting. What brought about the change of heart??? I don't think I can pin point one particular reason...just simply that I've come to realize that this may be a pretty effective way of getting my thoughts on the record somewhere where I can access them in the future. I've always had intentions of keeping a journal for myself, but I never seem to remember to keep up on it...and quite truthfully, I'm too hand cramps after writing half of what I feel like saying, and then I give up. Kinda defeats the purpose of a journal I suppose. So maybe this will work better for me...Plus, this could be a good way to keep the family in touch with our day-to-day stuff, since we don't always get to talk to them as often as we would like to (darn work schedules!!) I guess we'll see how it goes!

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