Friday, January 26, 2007

Why I Love Him...

I hadn't planned on posting today, actually. Not a lot to report on, for the 2nd day in a row. The most interesting thing that happened to me today (if you can call it that) was that I spent the entire afternoon chasing down a 'smell' which I discovered to be living in the microwave. Hardly worth the post...but, here I am posting.
I was just sitting at my computer doing some scrapping (surprise surprise), and I came across this layout that I did a few weeks ago. Since this is supposed to be serving as my sort of daily 'journal,' I wanted to include this layout & the journaling on it. It's some of my favorite work I've done lately. Probably because I really like how the layout originated & I love the journaling. So, hope you enjoy...don't get overwhelmed in sappiness! (Oh, by the way, this was another bit of good scrapping news for me in the past few weeks. The manufacturer of the paper I used -Basic Grey - included this layout in their online gallery).

One night about 2 weeks ago, Lucas came home from work with a 'challenge' - do a page about us (we really don't have very many of those actually). This is what I came up with. The journaling is a little long, but I'll share.

  • 'I'm pretty sure the motivation was that you wanted the computer tonight, but 1 of the 1st things you said when you got home was, 'I have a challenge for you. Do a page about us.' Well, I accept your challenge. The 1st hurdle was the picture, since we really don't have any recent pics of us that are scrap-worthy. So after lots of browsing through our picture files, I chose this one. Now, I know you won't like it because it's not 'us' & you don't like pictures of yourself. but, you're just gonna have to deal. Because right now, this IS us...always together but generally holding the hands of 1 of the kids instead of holding each others' hand. Well, then that got me it sad that this is what we are? 2 parents of 3 small children instead of 2 people walking hand-in-hand? But, my answer is NO. Not sad at all. Sure, I know we both wish for more time to ourselves. We'd give anything for a fancy date. But, that's just how we spend our time, not who we are. And I love who we are together. We're a team. We work together. We have balance. We have a system. We are each a source of strength & support for the other. I know your 'it's been a rotten day' look, just like you know my 'I'm on screaming kid overload' look. You're there to hold me when I've hit my limit. and I am a sounding board for your frustrations. You, above anyone, can make me relax & not take myself so seriously. You keep me grounded. You help me keep perspective. And, even though you don't always like it, I help you see the other side of the I guess I help keep your perspective too. And the best thing, you make me laugh. you are such a source of joy in my life. I often think, when we're cleaning up after dinner, laughing & playing around - I wonder if anyone ever looks in the window as they drive by. If so, chances are, they'll see us smiling or laughing or playing or hugging, kissing, dancing. And, to me, that's who we are. And I love that about us. Love, Me'

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