Monday, January 29, 2007

To Bed with her Boots on

Last night, Lucas took Meagan upstairs to get her ready for bed. When they reemerged, she had on her pink long underwear PJs & her BOOTS! I didn't even have to ask because I already knew. The girl is OBSESSED with shoes - but especially those boots! (Wonder where she gets that?) Yesterday morning, I got her all ready for church - shoes & everything. We came downstairs, and what does she do? She digs her boots - the very same ones - out of the closet, hands them to me and says, 'boots, no shoes.' Then she plopped down right in front of me, so I could change them for her. Then later in the afternoon, while we were playing in the basement, she disappeared upstairs for a second. When she came back down, she had one black MaryJane in her hand. I put it on her, at her request. Then she ran off for the other one. She may not act girly in very many ways, but the love of shoes she definitely has mastered! That's my girl!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder where that cute girl got her boots??? I bet someone who loves her very much.