Saturday, January 20, 2007

Family Movie & Pizza Night

When the New Year rolled around, we were talking at dinner about our resolutions. Sebastian & Isaac decided they wanted to make resolutions, too. Isaac's was to stop sucking his thumb (although I think he's abandoned that one already). Sebastian was very thoughtful for a minute, and then said, "We need to spend more time doing things together." "All of us as a family?" I asked. "Yes, more family time is what I want to do." Well, you can't be any more clear than that, kiddo. So, I've borrowed an idea from a friend of mine, and tonight will be our first official Saturday Family Movie & Pizza Night. We've settled on Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets for our movie, and we've got 2 pizzas & some popcorn ready & waiting. And so far, it seems to be working quite well as an incentive to lay down quietly at nap time this afternoon...BONUS!! The plan is to make this a regular part of our Saturday evenings. Hopefully this will help Sebastian out in keeping his resolution!

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