Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Hero!

Okay, I have to give credit where credit is due. Lucas saved my backside today! I was trying to reformat a DVD to use for backing up my digital scrapbook stuff. Well, there were some layouts already on the disk, and when all was said & done, they were nowhere to be found.....or so I thought. Near tears, thinking that I had lost 5 of my recent layouts (ones that I happen to be partial to), I went upstairs & told him what I had done. I was totally expecting some sympathy from the man. Instead I get, "Well, it's nothing to cry about." (????) Are you kidding me? What if you lost all of your ranks on your game & had to start all over as a nube? You'd cry!!! Ah well. I figured it was one of those things that men just don't 'get' so I moved on. A little later, he calls down to me & says "hey do you have a minute?" I reluctantly stopped what I was doing to go up to see what he wanted. And there on our upstairs computer is the most beautiful sight! All of my missing files!!! He, being the smart computer geek that he is, had made another (quite redundant, actually) backup file before transferring them to the downstairs computer. So, in the end, nothing was lost! And, he knew about it the whole time. I guess that's his idea of a little fun! But, in this case, I forgive him!

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Jose said...

The correct term is noob or newb. Newb meaning a newby and noob meaning just a complete moron. Oh yeah, how about not uploading this during during game play. Thanks a bunch.