Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthday in the midst of baseball

Well, Meagan is officially four years and 2 days old now! Her birthday was slightly eclipsed by daily life, but we did our best to make it special for her and to enjoy it together as a family. On my way home from work, I stopped at Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cake for her. Then when we came home, she walked in to see her gifts waiting for her on the table... which of course, made her HAVE to open them right then! I love it!

The boys got her 2 books - Pinkalicious (from Sebastian) and Purplelicious (from Isaac). She also got a Tinkerbell mini backpack and Tinkerbell soundtrack CD and hair clips and another game (Princesses) for her new Leapster... But the grand finale was the one thing that she said she wanted time and time again whenever anyone would ask her about her birthday... a ballerina music box... also Tinkerbell-inspired. At the end of the movie, Tink repairs a ballerina music box and returns it to Wendy. Apparently that has really gotten her wheels turning, and she has been wanting one and requesting one for several weeks. Can I just tell you those things are NOT easy to stores anyway. But I found a really really cute one online for only about $40. It's blue with butterflies and ballerinas on the outside with pink velvet on the inside and a little spinning dancing ballerina. It's so pretty, and watching her examine it was beyond precious! Her eyes lit up. And she kept opening it and closing it and re-opening it. And she peeked in the little mirror that's in the box. She even put all of her hair clips in it. She was thrilled! That made my heart happy.

Anyway, after a quick dinner, we did what we could to really actually enjoy the ice cream cake before we headed out the door for 2 baseball games. Ah, well. We had a good day. We had fun playing together at the games. And we were all together as a family, even if it wasn't our typical birthday celebration.


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Anonymous said...

Her music box is beautiful. I
know it was just as special for
you as it was for her. She looked
so pretty for her big day.

Love and miss you.