Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today is Tuesday

Today is Meagan's last day of being three! I can't believe it! She's getting sooooo big so fast!

Yesterday my mom came up to visit and watch the boys' baseball games. She staid the night, and we got up first thing this morning and headed to the school for the boys' field days. Sebastian's class had field day from 9:00 until about 11:30, and Isaac's went from about 1:00 until 3:15. And we fit in lunch at Applebees for Lucas' birthday somewhere in between.

After we left the school, we headed back to the house, picked up Meagan, and left for gymnastics practice. It was my mom's first time getting to see Meagan do gymnastics, so that was fun! After practice, we grabbed Wendy's for dinner, ate quick, and headed to our last small group of the season. We did manage to get home at a somewhat early hour, and all kids were in bed before 9:00. Not bad!

I have a few things to get taken care of before bedtime... namely wrapping Meagan's gifts!! I should probably do that before tomorrow afternoon (on second thought... I think I'll do that tomorrow at lunch time. I just feel like being a lazy bum tonight... I'm pooped!) So maybe I'll just sit here and watch the finale of Dancing with the Stars (which I usually never watch, by the way), and maybe play on the computer for a bit before bed. Sounds like as good of a plan as any, right? 'Night!

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