Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hotel wi-fi

that's how i'm hooked up right now. it is 11:00 at night, and we are all chillin' in the hotel room. we've been traveling. it's been an adventure! i have taken a bazillion pictures. i have not taken time to really look through them or do any photo editing of any kind, except for the few that i took on the first day of our travels. so i'll go back in time a few days and share those with you.

traveling is always good for a bit of sight seeing.

after we checked into the hotel and dumped our stuff, we headed out to grab dinner. there's a steak n shake right outside of the hotel, so we took advantage of 'kids eat free on weekends.' steak n shake tasted YUM. although i was DUMB and ate a big giant milkshake, and now my stomach is angry at me.

but besides that... yum!
don't they look cute in their hats?

we've been to visit my dad and nancy every day so far this week. we get to see them almost NEVER, so this has been a very new experience for the kids. and they LOVE it! they are BIG fans of their grandma and grandpa! and their 50 cats and 1 dog.

like i said, i have tons of pictures. but they won't fit on my blog in their current size... GIGANTIC. i will edit and upload. soon. or maybe not soon. but when i get a chance and have decent internet connection again.


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